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17th International Fairs ECOMONDO and KEY ENERGY Fairs in Rimini (Italy)


Increasing awareness of the offshore wind energy potential for regional development results in the incorporation of the subject into conferences, exhibitions and fairs organised by environmental sector with support of regional and local authorities. On behalf of Rimini Province, partner of the international initiative 4POWER, the Maritime Institute in Gdansk invites all interested parties to participate in the 17th International Fairs of Material and Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development ECOMONDO that will be held on 6 – 9 of November 2013, in Rimini (Italy).

Important part of the Fairs will be constituted by fairs and conference KEY ENERGY addressed to wind energy sector. According to the organizers the event will host a broad representation of the wind energy companies from Italy.

Agenda of KEY ENERGY includes conference dedicated to Offshore Wind Energy at the Adriatic Sea and strategies and tools supporting development of the Offshore Wind Energy in the European Union. Important part of the conference will be presentation of the 4POWER project results, including recommendations of activities to be undertaken by regional authorities and stakeholders in order to support offshore wind energy sector development. Upon completion, the recommendations will be passed to the Committee of Regions. The recommendations may potentially be used at the creation of the development policies addressed to the EU regions. Incorporation of the recommendations into the priorities of development policy may further result in allocation of financial resources to support activities implementing this policy.

Along with KEY ENERGY, the ECOMONDO Fairs will host other branches of environmental protection and communal services, such as:

  • Waste treatment
  • Recycling and services
  • Waste handling and transport
  • Inert waste and demolition
  • Soil reclamation
  • Water and air
Detailed information concerning participation as well as transport and accomodation are available at the official websites and

4POWER meeting in Gdańsk 10th - 12th September 2013


The 4POWER project aims to exchange knowledge between EU regions in order to stimulate the growth and implementation of offshore wind. 4th partner meeting was organized by the Maritime Institute in Gdańsk – the project partner. The meeting was devoted to discussion of the best practices analysis and findings from reports (Frameworks and Implementation) as well as definition of the Guidelines content (how to implement the best practices).


The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to visit the CRIST S.A. shipyard in Gdynia
The production profile of the company includes:
  • offshore structures (heavy lift jack-up vessels and wind turbines installation barges, platform supply vessels, anchor handling tug supply vessels, platforms and units for assembly of wind farms at sea, foundations for wind turbines;
  • vessels: fishing vessels, tugs, ferries, containers, research vessels;
  • hydrotechnical structures: gates and port berths, barges.
CRIST cooperates



"Innovative Uses of Baltic Marine Resources in the
Light of the EU Blue Growth Initiative”

Gdańsk, Poland • 5–6 September 2013



Maritime Institute in Gdańsk at European Maritime Day on May 22nd, 2013 in Malta

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Maritime Institute in Gdańsk at European Maritime Day
on May 22nd, 2013 in Malta

Maritime Institute in Gdańsk is organizing the workshop: The Baltic Sea Region during the European Maritime Day on May 22nd, 2013 in Malta. Furthermore MIG as the lead partner of SUBMARINER and PartiSEApate will present those two European projects.
At the workshop participants will discuss how maritime actions at sea-basin and regional levels can contribute to achieve Blue Growth.
The workshop, should help stimulate actors from other sea-basins to follow the example of the Baltic Sea Region. The City of Turku will participate in the workshop demonstrating the successful method of cooperation with counties outside the EU which are located in our macro region. We invite everyone who will attend the European Maritime Day in Malta to our workshop: The Baltic Sea Region.

Visit the conference website

Spatial Planning implications of Aquaculture as a new use in the Baltic Sea

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On 15th and16th April2013 in Gdansk the workshop about “Spatial Planning implications of Aquaculture as a new use in the Baltic Sea" was held. The event wasorganized bythe Maritime Institutein Gdansk, as thelead partnerof the PartiSEApateproject realized within theBaltic Sea Region Programme2017-1013.

The meeting brought together42 participantsfrom theBaltic Sea Region. Delegates heardinteresting presentationsof experts fromabroad whoshared theirexperience ofthe widerissues ofaquaculture. Then,a workshop was held, during which an attempt was madeto find answersto the following questions:

a) What are the general expectations, hopes and fears of aquaculture towards MSP?

b) How much space and what type of space should be reserved for aquaculture in the BSR (separately for different types of aquaculture like plants and fish)?

c) With which other uses shall aquaculture look for joint solutions in form of separa-tion or coexistence? Whatcould be possiblesolutions for spatialconflicts?

d) With whom should the aquaculture sector talk in a cross-sectoral dialogue?

Results of the discussionswill becompiledin a reportthat, after consultation with the participants ofthe workshop will bepublishedon the PartiSEApate project website.

We encourage youto read theworkshop’s presentations.

Opportunitiesforexpandingaquaculture in the BSR – An overview
- Frank Neudörfer

Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture – Thierry Chopin

Practical example of running an aquaculture in the Baltic Sea Region - Tim Staufenberger

Baltic Sea Farming an industry perspective - Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen and Lisbeth Jess Plesner

Achieving Blue Growth in Aquaculture through Maritime Spatial Planning
- Koen Van den Bossche

MSP: principles and future developments in relation to aquaculture - Axel Wenblad

Aquaculture site selection plan in Finland – Timo Mäkinen

Roadmap for the development of Polish coastal areas based on benefits of innovative uses of Baltic marine resources

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Theconsultation meeting of the first version of the Roadmap for the development of Polish coastal areas based on benefits of innovative uses of Baltic marine resources, a document drawn up by the Maritime Institute in Gdansk under the "SUBMARINER Project - Sustainable use of resources of the Baltic Sea" (Baltic Sea Region Programme 2017-1013), was held on 15 April 2013 in Scandic hotel, Gdansk.


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