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SUBMARINER Network - flagship project of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Maritime Institute in Gdańsk as the co-leader of the SUBMARINER Network flagship project invites interested parties to learn about the services offered by the Network.

The SUBMARINER Network is a unique platform that brings actors from the whole Baltic Sea Region together to actively promote innovative and sustainable uses of marine resources. It operates across the whole knowledge triangle integrating perspectives from local to international scale, different science disciplines as well as policy and economic stakeholders. It is a hub for projects, initiatives and activities at all levels – from transnational and cross-border regional development, innovation and research projects to local and business level. The network is registered as a not-for-profit European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) and is managed by a professional secretariat.

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Baltic Development Forum Summit


Maritime Institute in Gdansk participated
in the joint 16th Baltic Development Forum Summit
and 5th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR
3-4 June 2014 Turku, Finland.

Maritime Institute In Gdansk as the lead partner of PartiSEAparte project participated in the joint 16th Baltic Development Forum Summit and 5th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR, themed “Growing together”. The event gave the opportunity to explore how cooperation can help strengthen economic growth, contribute to sustainable development and create a strong and integrated Baltic Sea Region.

Bringing together decision-makers from business, politics, international organisations and academia from across the Baltic Sea Region, the event provided a platform to exchange opinions and experiences, discuss key issues and chart the way forward.

Key areas addressed include outlooks on governance, the digital economy, regional cooperation, smart urban solutions, blue growth, innovation and competitiveness.

The event was organised by Baltic Development Forum and the European Commission.

PartiSEApate project was presented in Networking Village which was the key part of the event.

More information about the meeting can be found on the website.

We also invite you to visit the PartiSEApate project.

Polish - Swedish consultations, Warsaw, 12 - 13 May 2014


Maritime Institute as the lead partner of the PartiSEAparte project participated in Polish - Swedish consultations, which took place on 12 and 13 May 2014 in Warsaw. During the meeting, representatives of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, Maritime Office in Gdynia, Maritime Office in Szczecin, Maritime Institute in Gdansk and representatives of the Ministry, exchanged views on the actions taken to develop Maritime Spatial Planning. They also discussed the scope of the data required in the above mentioned process, the possibility of exchanging and sharing the data and the need to develop procedures and rules for cross-border arrangements.

Swedish and Polish partners declared willingness to strengthen cooperation in the field of the "Blue Growth" among others, through the implementation of activities in the Horizon 2020 and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 2015. It is expected that the documents for studies of conditions for Maritime Spatial Planning will be ready until that time.

Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Forum


Maritime Institute in Gdańsk as the lead partner of PartiSEAparte project invite you to the Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Forum 17th – 18th June, 2014 in Riga, Latvia.

VASAB together with the PartiSEApate project would herewith like to invite you to the Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Forum - PartiSEApate Conference which will take place on 17th – 18th June, 2014 in Riga, Latvia.

The forum shall serve as a platform for discussions among those involved and affected by Maritime Spatial Planning on how to further develop and enhance MSP in the Baltic Sea Region.



Practical information

Registration deadline is 27 May 2014. Please note that only first 200 participants will be registered.

More information can be found here.


Conference " Marine and maritime research: A driver of blue growth"

19 February 2014 – European Parliament

The SUBMARINER Network - flagship project of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region - was presented in the Conference "Taking advantage of the blue growth potential in European coastal regions - How can marine and maritime research contribute to blue growth?", held on 19 February 2014 at the European Parliament.

This event looked at how research can unlock the blue growth potential of Europe. In particular, it showed how a better linking of research and industry can contribute to make the most out of the opportunities in the maritime economy. Innovative examples were presented from selected focus areas that have been identified as holding some of the highest blue growth potential.

The SUBMARINER Network was presented at Session 1: New Exploitation of Living Marine Resources and Biodiversity by Joanna Przedrzymirska from Maritime Institute in Gdansk.

More information can be found here.

SUBMARINER Network - flagship project of the Baltic Strategy

SUBMARINER Network - as a flagship project of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR SUE) take various measures and initiatives for sustainable and innovative use of resources of the Baltic Sea. In its program, SUBMARINER Roadmap, Network focuses on promoting and developing new applications and technologies relevant to the commercial and environmental point of view.

Calendar of events:


Joanna Przedrzymirska as a representative of Maritime Institute in Gdansk - SUBMARINER Network Co – leader presented the project during the following events:

VII meeting of the Polish team for BSR SUE in Warsaw (7 November 2013)

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information about Polish involvement in environmental protection in the Baltic Region and a discussion on the possibility to use the regional format of Polish environmental priorities, also in the context of the Polish Presidency of the Council of Baltic Sea States (2015/2016). SUBMARINER Network was presented as an example of Polish participation in the Baltic projects. The main objective of the project is to conduct research on the use of marine resources, which would be both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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